Body Found Outside Rapper Rick Ross' Home

By Alexandra Leon

First published on Feb. 29, 2012 for The Miami Herald

Even though rapper Rick Ross owns it, the house looks pretty typical for a working-class South Florida neighborhood: Two garden chairs on the porch, a pastel paint job that has seen better days, a chain-link fence around the perimeter.

What wasn’t typical: the yellow police tape surrounding a bloody body in the front yard.

Ross, performer of "Live Fast, Die Young" with Kanye West, wasn’t saying anything publicly Wednesday about what happened on his property.

Police say they don’t consider Ross a suspect but want to talk to him as part of the investigation into the shooting death of Gregory Paul Nesbitt, 39.

“Here’s a guy standing close to a fence and someone comes and shoots him,” said police spokesman Bill Bamford. “We’re trying to figure out why he was confronted there.”

Ross, who lives elsewhere, apparently uses the house as a recording studio and lets friends stay and go. Ross was not at the house, 3203 NW 181st St., at the time of Wednesday’s shooting and police didn’t say what Nesbitt was doing there.

Nesbitt has been in trouble before. He has a criminal history in Miami-Dade dating to the 1990s, with charges that include armed robbery, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession. He was convicted of grand theft auto in 1994.

Miami Gardens officers were summoned to the area of Northwest 32nd Avenue and 181st Street about 7a.m. Wednesday to investigate the sound of gunshots.

“When officers arrived, they discovered the body,” Bamford said.

Someone shot Nesbitt several times. Police say they have no motive or suspect yet.

His body was just inside the gate that leads to the front door. An Infiniti SUV belonging to Nesbitt was towed from the property by police.

According to Miami-Dade property records, the house is owned by William L. Roberts II, stage name Rick Ross. The rapper, who grew up in nearby Carol City, also made nonmusical headlines last year when he suffered two seizures in October, one of which left him unconscious on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis.

Wednesday’s homicide at his house comes two days after another fatal shooting in Miami Gardens. Two drivers got into a dispute and one apparently shot the other on a city street. Police said Raul Idrovo, 28, was apparently chased by Lemuel Rosario, 31, who repeatedly fired at Idrovo until he shot him in the head after the two had exited their cars.